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Face Lift Surgery

Ageing process leads to sagging of the skin of face and neck . Face lift surgery minimises the effects of ageing by tightening up loose skin on the face and neck and smoothing out lines and wrinkles .Following facelift individuals look younger, cheerful and relaxed.

Face lift surgery

Surgery is performed in a hospital under general anaesthetic or sedation. Incisions are made from the temple to the ear extending in the natural line on both sides. Facial skin is separated from underlying muscle. Excess fat is removed and the facial muscles tightening (SMAS plication) is carried out. The excess saggy skin is lifted upwards and backwards across the face, trimmed and sewn.The incision from a face lift is hidden in the hairline and behind the ears so there is minimal visible scarring.

Recovery time following face lift surgery varies.After surgery there will be a bandage support to the face to minimise bruising and swelling. The bandages stay for 2 days days and the sutures removed after 7 days. There may be mild discomfort for a day or 2 after surgery which can be controlled with paracetamol. Many patients return to work after 3 weeks after their face lift. Most women can disguise the effects of face lift surgery with make up after 2 weeks.

A face-lift cannot improve your forehead, eyelids, eyebrows, or deep wrinkles around the mouth . Some patients also undergo a forehead or brow lift and eyelid surgery at the same time of the face lift to create a uniform appearance. To reduce wrinkles, and to achieve smooth skin texture and tone, you may also want to consider chemical peels, botox injections and or dermabrasion.