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Breast Reduction

During Breast Reduction Surgery

Cosmetic breast reduction surgery is usually a combination of reducing breast contents and breast uplift. Depending on the size of the breasts ususally 2 to 3 cup size reduction of breast size is possible. During breast reduction surgery excess skin and breast tissue is removed and smaller, younger profile breasts are created. Breast reduction surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia after pre-marking the requisite size and shape of the breast. Patients usually stay one night in hospital following their breast reduction operation.

During a breast reduction operation incisions are made below the nipple and in the fold beneath the breast. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed. The nipple is then moved into its new site in the reduced profile breast. Breast reduction surgery takes about two hours. Postoperative breast reduction discomfort is relatively minor. The sutures are removed seven to ten days after surgery.

Following a Breast Reduction

Majority of women report a high satisfaction rate following the breast reduction. The post surgery bruising and swelling will gradually reduce over a period of six weeks. We advise using sports bra support during this period. You can resume gentle exercise after two weeks and full exercise after one month.

The scar around the nipple fades first followed by the scar to the fold beneath the breast.After breast reduction, nipple sensation may be reduced but sensitivity will return very gradually. A woman may not be able to breast feed after breast reduction surgery.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, it is in your best interests to be as well informed as possible. A consultation allows you to be assessed and advised on your suitability for breast reduction.