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Upcoming plastic surgery trends 2024

All the “lifts” for the face , neck, breasts and  tummy are set to dominate cosmetic surgery in 2024 , as people are chasing to have younger and natural looks , wipe off the strains of modern day stresses on the face and body and address after effects of weight loss frenzy with or without Ozempic (a popular medication for weight loss).
  Of late, people are  growing awareness that hormonal changes do bring on the physical body effects that are beyond our control. In the past, more people were blaming it on themselves saying  – “I gained weight and couldn’t take care of myself”. Now, there’s much more recognition and many realise there is nothing they can do about these bodily changes in the gym.
Predicted growing plastic surgery trends include:
– Avoiding ongoing facial thread lifts and fillers which need repeating to be replaced by  longer lasting new surgical face lift and neck lift techniques to give a more natural and younger look .
– With weight loss and aging there is more loss of facial fat , and hence less volume to hold skin up leading to skin which looks lax and wrinkly. Putting fat back in by fat injection or fat transfer is a leading trend which not only gives youthful fullness to the face but rejuvenates the overlying skin with a vibrant glow seen in youngsters.
– Many patients do not want their breasts defining them  with larger breast profiles . So more people are opting for smaller more natural looking breasts . Hence the trend is towards smaller implants and many opting for non implant mastopexy or just breast uplift or breast reduction.