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Five New Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2024

1. All Eyes Are on the Eyes
As a consequence of our busy lives, we would all like to look less tired and hence eye lifts or blepharoplasties, are growing even more popular in 2024. Interest in eye lifts ( blepheroplasty) arises from a growing desire for facial rejuvenation as well as a desire for all the facial structures to look harmonious. “For women and men , appealing eyes is the driver that brings them in . They say their eyes look tired and sad because there may be excessive skin fold or hooding around the eyes.

2. More Balanced , Less Extreme Results

The main theme for 2024 appears to be “less is more ” signifying a more measured approach to plastic surgery — wherein doctors encourage patients to be realistic about their potential results. There is a shift towards achieving more natural-looking results, with patients opting for subtle enhancements that enhance their features rather than drastic transformations. This trend is reflected in techniques such as fat transfer, which uses the patient’s own fat to add volume and contour to various areas of the body – face and body contouring.

3. After Filler Fatigue, a Return to Facelifts
The approach to a more youthful-looking face is changing although the popularity of facial fillers hasn’t dipped significantly . Awareness that , if you overfill someone, you’re stressing the tissue, like a belly stretched through multiple pregnancies. That’s a trend that people are moving away from. The trend appears to be towards mini-facelifts. Compared to a traditional facelift, a mini lift focuses on the commonly involved aspects of face such as lower third of the face and neck. “The upper face/ cheeks don’t need to be lifted as much,” while it’s a shorter surgery (less than two hours) , “it’s really lifting and tightening the muscle of the face and neck and contouring to make it more youthful.” Given the need for defined neck and jawline , a mini facelift (or full facelift if you’re slightly older) is the best method to accomplish those goals.

4 A Surge of Body Contouring Options

In terms of surgical options, liposuction remains the gold standard for removing unwanted fat. However ,Vaser Liposuction features minimally invasive state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to precisely target and remove unwanted fat.
Taking advantage of the ultrasound energy and the heat produced by the vaser probe, the surgeon is able to strategically melt the fat before extracting it out, achieving far better results than traditional liposuction, where the fat is not melted.
For this reason, Vaser Liposuction is considered far superior than traditional liposuction. Creates more defined calves, stomach and arm muscles, as well as removing any excess amount of fat. Can tighten loose skin in small, intricate areas such as under the chin

4. Large sized Boobs Are out of fashion

Requests for more natural and proportional -looking breast augmentations are increasingly common. In addition to more conservatively sized breast implants, there is a slight rise in breast enhancements with autologous fat grafting—which utilizes fat from the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks—to achieve a subtle, natural result.

Many of our patients (especially those who have given birth) are foregoing both fat transfers and implants in favor of breast lifts ( mastopexy), which remove excess skin to raise the sagging breasts and tighten the surrounding tissue for a more lifted, youthful shape.

5. Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are being incorporated into plastic surgery procedures to promote tissue regeneration, accelerate healing, and enhance results. These techniques are particularly popular in procedures such as facelifts and hair restoration.